Certified in accordance with
DIN ISO/ TS 16949:2009
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


"The PEM process is an electrochemical sink erosion process with oscillating electrodes and controlled working gap. A DC pulse is applied between electrode and workpiece. The workpiece dissolves anodically according to the geometry of the electrode stimulated. Complex geometrical forms occur in almost all metals, e.g. tempered steels, bearing steels, powder-metallurgical steels and superalloys. Therefore, PEM opens up a whole range of applications that could not be manufactured before, or at least not viably so.

The benefits for you: No process-related electrode wear! Almost any number of identical parts can be manufactured with one single electrode. Material structure not exposed to increased temperature! Material tempering is not affected. Micro cracks cannot occur. Longer service life of tools can be expected. No white layers! No post-treatment of workpieces. High feed rate of up to 0.5 mm/min, not depending on the surface of the deflection. Surface qualities of the electrodes are mapped! Roughness (Ra) of up to 0.05 ?m, as well as various roughness levels on one surface can be achieved. Components not exposed to mechanical load! Relatively thin wall structures can be machined. Magnetic properties of the workpieces are not affected!"

Source: www.pemtec.de

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